Alptegin's Relations With Samanid Amirs And His Activities In Ghazni And Tocharistan
Alptigin, the founder of the Ghaznavid State, one of the greatest states in the Turkish history, is a slave, originally purchased by Samanid Amir Ahmed bin Ismail. Because he was in the service of Samanid Amir, he had been well educated since his early ages and in a short time he had risen to important positions within the Samanid State. Adding strength to his power over time, Alptigin began to pose problems for the Samanid State. Due to these problems he had with the senior executives of the Samanid State, he set out to go to the city of Ghazni, a convenient place for the campaigns to India, after leaving the tasks he was doing for Samanids. However, the Samanid forces caught him by following when they could not go to India yet. Alptigin won the battle between the two armies and the Samanid army suffered a great defeat. Alptigin, after this victory, first seized Tocharistan, and later defeated the Gaze ruler Abu Bakr Levik (Enuk) and obtained Gazne. After these important achievements, Alptigin took possession of both the territories of Tocharistan and Ghazni and the set up the foundation for the Ghaznavid State, whose influence will continue for a long time.

Alptigin, Ghazni, Ghaznavid, Tocharistan.