The Fifth Congress of the Democrat Party Izmir Provincial Board and the Impressions of E.F. RIVINUS, the American Consul
Izmir, since the establishment of the Democrat Party, had become one of the strongest centers of the party, and this importance continued increasingly following the general elections which was held on 14 May 1950. The fifth Izmir provincial Democrat Party congress which was the first one taking place after the party came to power moved away from its local character and gained a dimension of interest in the whole country because Prime Minister Adnan Menderes and some ministers and deputies joined. During the congress, delegates announced their expectations; “schism” within the provincial organization and relations between the party headquarters and the local organization was discussed. The purpose of this study is to analyze the impressions of Rivinus, The US Consul in Izmir, through the report he sent to the US State Department dated 13 February 1951 and titled “Demokrat Party Congress of the Izmir Vilayet Board”. This report mentions the developments at the congress and statements of Menderes and other Ministers. The report of Rivinus is important not only he explains the events at the congress in detail but also includes personal views of Rivinus.

Democrat Party, Izmir, Congress, Rivinus, ABD.