Timar Pointing and Timar Holders in Hamid Sanjak (1521-1535)
Tımar system (manorial system) has a unique place in terms of military system and soil cultivation in the Ottoman State. In this paper, agricultural terrain given between 1522-1535 in Hamid Province is analysed based on icmal Tımar System Books (Brief Memorial System Books) No: 107. Qualifications of timar holders and other officers, dynamism of timar directing and politic and social results of that dynamism are analysed with the information of that book. Some designation and evaluation are made about where the timar holders have terrain, how much they have timar income, reason of timar painting on them and etc. In this paper, besides the process of timar system, effects of socio-politic events of that period on timar painting are analysed through the examples.

Timar Holders, Timar, Zeamet, Hamid Sanjak, Ottoman Empire