The Population And Population Features Of Bolvadin District In The Middle Of The 19th Century
With the name of Asakir-i Mansure-i Muhammediye, a new army was formed by Mahmut II in 1826 following the abolition of the Guild of Janissaries. In order to build this army on a strong foundation and develop it, the detection of the population suitable for the military service and their tax potential was a requirement. For this purpose, population census carried out first in İstanbul in 1928 was started to be realized in various places of Anatolia and Rumelia. The population census continued to be done in several periods after the one performed without the registration of lands in 1831 was accepted as the first population census in the Ottoman Empire. The books including these registrations give vital information particularly about demographic structure of the places that they belong to and also the socio-cultural status. As the Bolvadin Population Book numbered 1676 which is the major source including registrations of the neighbourhoods in Bolvadin district in 1254 of the Hegira (1838 A.D.), information has been provided under the titles of distribution of the population living in Bolvadin district on this date on the basis of neighbourhood, social status features, names used for person and nicknames, family and extended family names, properties of age, physical properties and disability features, soldiers and profession experts in the current study.

Bolvadin, population, population book.