The subsistence of the Austrian envoys in Ottoman Empire and embassy gifts to 18th century
The relations between Ottoman Empire and Austria ruled by Habsburg dynasty began in the 15th century and intensified after Ottoman Empire became a neighboring country of Austria after the conquest of Hungary in the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent. The Habsburgs, who wanted to eliminate the Turkish danger by using diplomacy, sent many delegations to Istanbul until the 18th century, some of them permanent embassies. All the costs of these delegations during their stay, most of them came as a large group, were covered by Ottoman government during this period, from their entrance the Ottoman border to their leaving the county because the envoys were regarded as guests. However, the envoys did not neglect to bring valuable gifts for the leading Ottoman statesmen, especially for the sultan, because that was one of the most important customs of Ottoman diplomacy.

The Austrian envoys, the subsistence of the envoys, gifts.