An Example Of Settlement Which Is Subunit Of Ottoman Provincial Organization: Old Mosque Settlement Of Bolu
Old Mosque Neighborhood typifies an Ottoman neighborhood. The purpose of this study is to explain characteristics of a typical Ottoman neighborhood with the example of the Old Mosque Neighborhood. Every people in the same neighborhood knew each other in the Ottoman period. These people were responsible for the actions of others in the neighborhood. The people helped each other. If a place had these characteristics, the place was named as “neighborhood”. There were a great mosque and a grand bazaar in the city center. A city consists of other neighborhoods which were around that city center. Bolu reflects the general characteristics of an Ottoman city mentioned above. The Old Mosque Neighborhood was named after Yıldırım Bayezid Mosque which was one of the oldest mosques in Bolu. This neighborhood was in the city center. The neighborhood is in the city center today too. This study examines administrative, social, economic structures of the Old Mosque Neighborhood in the 19th century with the benefit of census records and temettuat registers.

City, Bolu, Neighborhood, Old Mosque Neighborhood.