Use of Hisaralan (Sındırgı-Balıkesir) Thermal Sources in Aquacultural Area
Aquaculture, controlled reclamation of aquatic life, has gained importance recently since increasing market demand. In Türkiye, it has been used in various areas such as geothermal waters, greenhouses, domestic heating, and power generation whereas its use in aquaculture applications is rare. However, it is possible to utilize low temperature geothermal sources in aquacultural activities. Required temperature for aquatic species is generally between 20-30°C. Hisaralan thermal sources between 32-97°C are also used in tourism, greenhouse and domestic heating fields. Hisaralan (Sındırgı) hot water sources are sample area in which aquaculture events happen in Türkiye. Aquarium fish are grown in the aquafarm constructed in 1500 m2 closed and open area optimum water for fish is kept artificially by means of geothermal sources. Water temperature is kept stable at (24-26°C) in the pools of Hisaralan thanks to thermal waters and aquarium fish are raised for a whole year without any exposition to environmental conditions. Besides, use of geothermal energy makes it possible to grow more fish in shorter period.

Hisaralan, aquaculture, thermal source, aquafarm, aquarium fish.