Measures Taken By The Ottoman State To Prevent Bandit Activities: Hemavend Tribe Example (1880-1916)
The Ottoman was obliged to ensure the safety of the life and property of society for the state's future. Ottoman has struggled with banditry movement by applying various policies to ensure public order and peace for centuries. Unrest has occurred in the Suleymaniye-Kerkuk sanjaks due to the power struggles of tribes and sheiks in the nineteenth. The biggest source of your unemployment in the region is the Hemavend tribe, who are ignorant and savage. Ottoman Government tried to restrain the bandit Hemavend Tribe for years and took military, administrative and judicial measures against it. Government, has tried to prevent banditry activities tribal bandits whose caught in the wake of the measures taken that by judging in the Divan-ı Harp. In this study, with Hemavend Tribe sample have been examined the measures taken by the Ottomans to prevent bandit activities.

Osmananlı, Hemavend Tribe, Bandit, Kerkuk, Suleymaniye.