Housing Applications Evaluated In Terms Of Migration Turkey: İzmir Egekent-2 Example
Since the 1980s with the application of housing estate through which housing costs have been increased under the leadership of local governments and cooperatives, it has been aimed for the ones who have a low income to own houses as well. Thus, it has been predicted that a planned and totalitarian urbanization will be provided by preventing squatting and illegal housing that affect urban development negatively.In this study, it has been aimed to provide academic contribution through examining migration and urbanization in terms of housing estate. The subject of migration and urbanization, which has been dealt with frequently within the frame of issues such as squatting, guilt, and adaptation etc. in academic literature, is dealt with through the example of Housing Estate Application in İzmir Egekent-2 concerning the role of sample of housing estate application in this process.

Migration, Housing Estate, İzmir.