Akyiğitzade Musa Bey and Journal of Metin
One of the most significant features of Second Constitutional Era is the press – publication activities which are the outcome of the freedom of thought and opinion. During this period many periodical publications published, while some of them continue consistently, some of them abandon the publishing life. One newspaper that published in this period is Journal of Metin. Both Metin and publisher Akyiğitzade Musa Bey is the focus of this study. Even though Journal of Metin is shortlived, it could achieve to be a newspaper of its era by publishing different articles. When the newspaper is examined, it’s seen that the newspaper give coverage to articles about social, political, economic and military topics. Despite the fact that the newspaper doesn’t possess specific and famous writer staff, elaboration of treated topics is excessively remarkable. Peculiarly, making an evaluation of the published articles in the Journal of Metin about economic geography of Ottoman Empire and armies of Balkan states in this study. In written article serial under the title of “Hayatımızın Ruhu Umur-ı Maliyedir”, how much annual revenue is obtained on which region, what is required to be done to increase agricultural production is handled by sectioning economic geography of Ottoman Empire. Also, the acreage of regions, number of the population, population density and incomes are stated as well. In this context, it’s aimed to contribute to political, social and intellectual life within Ottoman in the second half of the nineteenth century with its own way.

Jounal of Metin, Constitutional Era, Musa Akyiğitzade, Balkan Armies.