According To The Archive Documents The Homeland Front In Bilecik
Adnan Menderes who was the President of the Democratic Party (DP) and Prime Minister gave signs in the his speeches made throughout the country that the Homeland Fronts would be established. In this context, Adnan Menderes expressed that a Homeland Front would be established Against to the opposition parties, which were destructive work against to the DP. According to the documents obtained from the Prime Minister's Republic Archives, there was a great interest in the Bilecik to the Homeland Fronts, which was established on October 12, 1958 and Thousands of opposition party members joined the buildings of the Homeland Fronts. According to the Archive Documents the Homeland Front in Bilecik was prepared by taking advantage of research and investigation Works and Prime Ministry Republic Archive.

Adnan Menderes, Bilecik, Democratic Party, the Homeland Front.