Socialist Turan Thoughts In Kyrgyzstan And The Bolshevik Accusations On Socialist Turan Party
Soviet Regimen which was founded with 1917 revolution of Communist Bolshevists, constitutes a significant period of Turkistan Turkic peoples’ history. In this context, aforementioned period generally meant pressure, poverty, and detention from relations with the World and Turkic Nations. This situation was not different for the Kyrgyz who experienced the hegemony of Soviet rulership. Especially the Kyrgyz intelligentsia which were representatives of the peoples kept company with Bolshevists to some extent, and aimed to meet the national interests by this way. However they criticized practices that dragged them to poverty such as becoming cooperative and that the Soviet regimen’s not leaving the rulership to them. This situation caused them to be punished by the Soviets for having Turan Union idea within and outside of the Soviet boundaries. In this context, in Kyrgyzstan, National Turan Party dossier was organized, Kyrgyz intelligentsia who were the leaders of Kyrgyz political, cultural and economic system were exposed to pressure. Ideas of those intelligentsia names of whom were tried to make forgotten have not been debated enough yet even after the Soviet period. National Turan Party dossier, the hearing papers of which were published has not dealt with sufficiently. Via the statements, this study ended up with the conclusion that the National Turan Party was constructed upon the principals of democracy, independence, and proprietary rights.

Bolshevists, Soviet Regimen, National Turan Party, Kyrgyzstan.