At The End of The Tulip Era at a Glance to western Anatolia: Manisa Under the Rule of Aydin Muhassılı Damat Abdullah Pasha
Court Records Manisa, especially the late 17th century and 18th century, Manisa, not only with the book that contains all of the most important regions of Muhassıllık administration is recognized as one of the documents concerning almost all of western Anatolia contains. Determined as of the end of that period, the Tulip Era in the Ottoman history research emphasis on the importance ever is a time-slice. Moreover, Istanbul mix of Patrona Halil Rebellion is doing in the days of Western Anatolia have tried to find an answer to the question. In our study, this document includes many examples of that. Therefore, where necessary, belong to a later date older or have resorted to register.

Ottoman Court Records, Muhassıl, Manisa, Aydın