Marka Kişiliği, Tüketici Etnosentrizmi ve Satın Alma Niyeti Arasındaki İlişki Üzerine Bir Araştırma
Brand personality is a concept indicating that a brand is also a living entity with characteristics just as humans have. Ethnocentrism can be defined as a perspective in which a particular ethnic and cultural group is given much more importance compared to other ethnic groups and cultures and other groups are evaluated from the point of view of a specific group, hereby accepting groups and cultures that are close to this specific group and rejecting others on the same basis. Consumer ethnocentrism is a tendency to buy local products rather than the imported ones in terms of socio-psychological, political, economical etc. reasons. In this study, the concept of brand personality, consumer ethnocentrism, purchase intention are mentioned and the relationship among them is examined. The concepts of brand personality, purchase intention and consumer ethnocentrism have been the subject of many studies in the literature, but a study in which these three concepts were investigated together was not enough in the Turkish literature. It has been decided to consider that there was a relationship among these concepts and to conduct a research on the relationship between these three concepts and their effects on each other. In the study, brand personality scale developed by Geuens et. al. in 2009, consumer ethnicity scale developed by Shimp and Sharma in 1987, purchase intention scale developed by Dodds et al. in 1991 were used in this study. Additionaly, questions regarding demographic variables were added into the survey. As a result of the questionnaire conducted to the students of Selçuk University, the tea brands of Didi and Lipton brands were separately measured and the results were evaluated for two brands seperately. As a result of the survey, a significant positive relationship was found between Didi brand and consumer ethnocentrism, no siginificant relationship between Lipton brand and consumer ethnocentrism was found in the research.

Consumer Ethnocentrism, Brand Personality, Purchase Intention.