Mosques and Mosques Entitled-workers in the Hisn-i Mansur in the 18th Century
A must for Muslims, namaz when implemented in the leadership of an imam, is considered to be better in Allah’s court, Muslims have built places to do their prayings in masses which are called mesdjits. In the beginning years of Islam, these prayings that started in these pray-houses, called mesdjit an in the following years for small venues; mesdjit and for the places where Friday and Holiday namazzes are implemented were called mosques. Mosques being the places where mass prayers are held, additionally were the places where society relevant lawful, political, martial and economic improvements were discussed, make these mosques the centre of Muslims’ lives. The inspection of these prayer houses which are of utmost significance and the people tasked here will serve the history science in the vein to understand the Ottoman life and the Ottoman society. The determintion of 18th century mosques and mosque entitled-workers carries a goal to serve this cause.

Mosques, mosque entitled-workers, waqf, Hisn-i Mansur, vakıf, hurûfât