A Critique from the Ottoman Scientific System: The Analysis of the Report of Kazasker Tatarcık Abdullah Mulla
The Ottoman madrasah and the scientistic organization of the 18th century show that there is a need for a serious reform. In this notification, starting from the report ulemâ (Islamic academician) Tatarcik Abdullah Efendi, the emergence of the disturbances in the history of science and its solution proposals and reform initiatives are examined. In this respect, the section entitled "Derbeyan-i tarik-ı ulemâ and müderrisîn and kudât" of the article of the Rumeli Kazaskeri Tatarcık Abdullah Efendi is analyzed. Abdullah Efendi thus describes the qualities of the true Ulema before passing on to what needs to be done, expressing that the state is in order and the people are in peace and justice at the times when they bear these qualities. After that, he tells the current state, revealing how much the discipline area has undergone a major deterioration. First of all, as a precaution, he describes the precautions that must be taken in order to get rid of bribery and favoritism in the field of science. However, he is aware that the measures to be taken in this short term are not sufficient. For this reason Abdullah Efendi thinks that the regulations should be handled in a way that covers all institutions. Therefore, while advocating the handling of the military reforms in its report, the reform of the science is only possible by means of some measures to be taken in short and long term of science. Here, only proposals related to the science class are given in detail.

Madrasah, Ulemâ, Tatarcık Abdullah, Reform, Justice.