Türkiye’de Denetimli Serbestlik Deneyimi: Kriminojenik İhtiyaçlar ve Denetimli Serbestlik Altındaki Bireylerin Beklentileri
This study presents the findings of the research conducted with 2560 probationers in Turkey, Antalya between the date of September 2014 and April 2017. From the larger data of the research, this study aims to focus on the criminogenic needs, expectations from probation service of probationers as well as on the areas probationers would like to improve themselves which is related to criminogenic needs. In addition, the study seeks to illuminate the relationship of these with some demographical variables. In the light of relevant analysis, the study both presents the general portrait of probation service and probationers in Turkey, Antalya; and suggests some political priorities that may be helpful to improve the quality of probation in Turkey.

Probation in Turkey, criminogenic needs, expectations of probationers.