Demografic Indicators in Siirt in the Transition Period to the Republican Administration
It has been necessary to wait until the 19th century for the population issue which is come to be understood with the establishment of modern states to come to the agenda of the Ottoman State. Population census implementations initiated by administrators to determine the number of troops and artisans and to determine the tax amounts are far from providing concrete and detailed results, while giving a general idea about the Ottoman population. As modern statistical methods have begun to develop and the modern states organized on the basis of nation-state have become the stage of history, from the 20th century the state administrators have completely attributed different meanings for the population. The modern states, which draw their strength from the human capital and the quality, have paid utmost attention to recording of their population. After the proclamation of the Republic in Turkey, in a sense, at the point of uncovering the population, census has been undertaken to make the balance-sheet. According to the 1927 census, which recorded Turkey's population taking into account the various parameters, it is also possible to identify the population characteristics of Siirt, which has attained the status of province with the proclamation of the Republic. Within the scope of this study, the characteristics of the population of Siirt in the late 20th century were mentioned and the findings of Siirt in the early Republican period were included according to the 1927 census results.

Siirt, population, 1927 census, Ottoman State, 19th century.