Turkish Language and Literature Teacher Candidates’ Opinions on Academic Writing Training with Reflective Teaching Practices
This study aims to evaluate Turkish language and literature teacher candidates’ opinions on academic writing training with reflective teaching practices by means of reflective diaries. With this aim, 46 first-year undergraduate students who were attending Atatürk University, Kâzım Karabekir Education Faculty, Secondary Education Social Sciences Education, Turkish Language and Literature Department during the fall term of the 2012-2013 academic year. These students were taking “Turkish I: Written Expression” course, and were given academic writing courses with reflective teaching practices over the course of fourteen weeks. Designed as a qualitative action research, it asked the participant students to write reflective diaries which is one of the basic principles of the weekly training of the students, and to note down their reflections about this training process and the content. All the diaries were gathered and analyzed with descriptive analysis. The research results indicated that the participants reflected positive thoughts although they sometimes felt worried/distracted about certain things (e.g. video records, the length of courses etc.). They were challenged especially at the introduction and references parts, and they did not have serious problems in other areas. The process was generally effective in developing positive approaches towards academic writing.

Reflective teaching, reflective diaries, academic writing, Turkish language and literature education