Nutrition in the Assyrian Palace: Neo-Assyrian Period
Since cuneiform texts, which represents the period corresponding to the 1st Millennium B.C. and called as “Neo-Assyrian” in Assyrian history, largely reflect the palace and its surroundings, it is nearly impossible to determine what was found in an ordinary Assyrian family’s meal. Nevertheless, currently available data is far away from completely representing a palace’s meal. Analysing foods/beverage lists, booty sharing lists, various ritual texts, treatment-related texts, texts containing offers in which broken expressions or not completely legible ones were included and report-like records written for the king, it becomes possible to learn about what was consumed in the period in question more or less stemming from expressions hidden among lines. In this study, we will content ourselves with certain nutrients that are frequently mentioned in texts of the SAA serials.

Neo-Assyrian, Palace, Nutrition, Food, Beverage.