The concept of secularism and ıts developments until 3 Mart 1924 Laws in Turkey
The most important one of the establishment principles of the Republic of Turkey is that the foundations of the state are built upon the secular bases. The processes of secularism which were followed for that purpose continued along with the laws and practices having been enacted constantly from 1922 to 1937 and finalized with them. However, after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire which had built the foundation of the state on religion for long years, it was quite difficult to build the state on the secular basis. Particularly, religionization and sacralisation of the management for the perception of management of society using religion caused the society to sacralise the sultanate and obeying it without questioning. There had been a lot of debate about secularism in the TBMM in this process. In our article we will give these discussions and decisions taken.

Secular, Tanzimat, Progress and Union.