Tribes of Haremeyn-i Şerifeyn tribe according to the Kırşehir Population Register dated 1256 and numbered 2115 - Congregations, Names of the villagers who settled, Which tribe are connected to the community, Household numbers,
In this study, the Kırşehir population book dated 1256 and numbered 2115 is examined. According to the book, the tribes living in Kırşehir and the names of the villagers they have settled / are placed, Household numbers, information about how many people are registered in the book, how much is the total population. In addition, the subject was not directly entered in order to make it understandable. Firstly, information was given about the population censuses made in the Ottoman State and the subject was introduced. Then, information is given about the Haremeyn tribe, to which the small tribes and congregations affiliated to the book are bound, and it is revealed from which tribe the villagers in Kırşehir came from.

Kırşehir, Population Book, Haremeyn Tribe and the tribal communities subject to the rule, establishe