Seljuk Bıographıes Accordıng to İbn Hallıkan’s Wafayat Al-Ayan
Important names of medival islamic history are learned by biographies and translation works.Given the political conditions of the time,information about these people dealt with in the works was sometimes taken to be elaborated,sometimes superficially,and especially in the parts related to scholars and rulers.It was ımportant to pay attention to the life and sociocultural envioment of the people who are taken advantage of the verbal and written sources as much as possible.The tradition of writting biographical books began in the third and ninth centuries.And the successes of works exhibited in the seventh and thirteenth centuries have reached the summit.Medieval politics and scholars have been attracted to attention since the time of the biographical work Vefeyâtü'lA'yan named by Ibn Hallikân.He has compiled an extensive review by analyzing and criticizing all the sources that came to his own age.Ibn Hallikân has included many rulings in his works which is the summit of the medieval biographical dictionary tradition.And his work he praised the people who are important for the history of islam.Ibn Hallkân gave brief information about the most important sultan Alparslan among them,but did not mention some political events.The reason is that there is a lot of information about Alparslan and he didnt want to repeat it in his work.Ibn Hallkân,who cares about introducing this important sultan in the world of islam,has been careful about him and has avoided critical style.This study will examine the Alparslan biography of Ibn Hallkân,one of the authors of the tradition of medieval biographical book writing.As well as the biographies of the other Seljuks sultans of the author will be examined and the point of view regarding Seljuks will be tried to be revealed.

Seljuk, biographies, Alparslan, Malazgirt, Kunduri