An Examınatıon on Electıve Behavıor: Elazığ / Palu Sample
Elections are democratic choices that are effective at the future of countries and cities. The general election is the country, and the local elections are the word cities. Elections are time to change voter behavior. Making a general election is probably losing local elections. Party presidents in parliamentary elections. Politics with election results and election results for the settlement and internalization of the democracy are not both elected and the roadmap for the electorate has begun. This study is important for the future of Elazığ politics. This work we have done is to find out and reflect on the reflections of the Palu factor and its effect in Elazığ politics, especially in Elazığ politics from 1963 to the elections made in Palu politics in general and in Elazığ politics where the results emerge. In general and local elections, Palu seems to have put its weight in elections from time to time as an effective force. The weight of this long, long and breathless formation continued with Ali Riza Septioglu. The political life of the other candidates seems to have been very short with the periodical. Unfortunately, this success of Ali Riza Sefioğlu's children can not be sustained. In addition to this moral legacy inherited from a grandfather who is based on a spiritual mission in the region, it is seen in the elections that his political fortunes can not be divided and maintained among his brothers. It is seen that each of the brothers has politics in different parties and that the bases of these parties are completely opposite to each other.

Voter Behavior, General Elections, Local Elections, Political Life, Political Parties