The Mineral Resources extracted From Palu During the Ottoman Period
It is possible to see various mineral sources in towns and villages under the jurisdiction of Palu, which is close to Ergani mining area. As a matter of fact, the area where the Sivan district of Palu county is located was an extremely rich region in terms of mineral resources. The Ottoman Empire tried to activate the mineral deposits in this region. In 1839, iron was extracted from the mineral deposits here; and cannon balls were produced. In the Alaaddin village, which is under the jurisdiction of the Sivan county, gold, silver and lead minerals were discovered in 1735. However, the cost for a new business that would be established in the area was computed and it was decided that the raw ore in the area would be transferred from the village to the Ergani mining area and processed in the furnaces there. In the residential area called Hoşeş, which is another village under the jurisdiction of Palu, gold and silver were discovered in 1782. However, since the amount of the minerals in this area was not adequate, the production activities did not last long. Again, the Hoşin district, which is under the jurisdiction of Palu County near the Ergani Mining area, was another area where plenty of copper mineral existed. The state operated the mining area here through tenders. The business that made the highest offer purchased the right to operate the mine for a certain time. It is observed that generally a few entrepreneurs came together and purchased the right to operate the mine.

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