Reflection To The Turkish Diplomatic Reports Of The Hitler Government'
Adolf Hitler joined the First World War as a corporal. After the war he became a member of the German Workers' Party and soon became the leader of the party. Under Hitler's leadership, the party was named National Socialist German Workers' Party and members of the party called Nazi. Hitler attempted a coup attempt in 1923 to overthrow the newly established republican regime and the government. In Germany, which was oppressed under the severe conditions of the Treaty of Versailles, the socio-economic life deteriorated from day to day. Conflicts between political assassinations and groups dragging the country toward civil war have increased. Nazis have benefited from this chaos and despair to the end. It was one of the main actors of German politics by using all the possibilities provided by the Republican constitution. The Nazis emerged as the first party to the elections held in 1932, and Hitler was brought to the German Chancellor on 30 January 1933. In this study, reports prepared by Turkish ambassadors in Germany, France and Poland on Hitler's rise to power will be examined. Also note that the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Interior prepared on this subject will be examined.

Adolf Hitler, Berlin Embassy of the Republic of Turkey, Paris Embassy of the Republic of Turkey, War