In The Years When It Was Used As A Prison , Musalla (Alaybeyi) Mosque
Musalla neighborhood is one of the oldest neighborhood of Adıyaman.The neighborhood has a few structures that show historical characteristic.One of the these historical structure is Musalla mosque, there is various discours about when it built but judged in the narrations to determine when structure has been made, as a conclusion the structure has been made between when Selçuklu entered the anatolia and XVIII. Centuries.Ottoman records named the structure Alaybeyi mosque and also has a foundation in it but unfortunately there is no records of the foundation so thre is no accurate date for the construction. The structure sold to corthouse and changed its usage as a prison after a while local people called it prison mosque. At 1972 General Directorate of Foundations changed the usage again to be serve as a Moque only.There are witnesses about the time used like a prison , information will be given.

Musalla neighborhood, Mosque, Prison