Why do not weread it?
Why do not we read it? Reading is a process that starts from the birth of a person. This process continues from the moment we begin to see the cycle until the beginning and the end of the decade. When the reading act is considered as a written text reading, this process starts with primary education. The academic reading process that starts with primary education is evaluated as a skill by the trainees after this stage and studies are being carried out at every level of education so that this skill can be developed. The opinions of Turkish teachers about reading are important, as they will gain reading skills and habits to children at secondary school level. Because Turkish teacher candidates trained to raise students at secondary school level will be among the educators who are expected to improve their reading skills and habits in the future. In the study, the question "Why do we study?" Was directed to Turkish teacher candidates. The obtained results are as follows: "Time, internet, intensive work or school life, economic problems, inadequacy of education and training programs, boring of reading etc. have not been read due to reasons.

reading, reading reasons, Turkish teacher candidates