CIA and May 27, 1960 Coup
Coup in the history of the Republic of Turkey holds a large place. It coups the biggest obstacle to Turkey's democratization process began with the May 27, 1960. There are various allegations about the May 27, 1960 coup performed by the junta established outside the hierarchy within the army, such as the many coups in the cold war period. One party pointed out the coup has been the face of the attitude of the CIA coup in Turkey, an ally of the United States. Turkey's strategic importance in the face of Soviet Russia constantly emphasizes CIA espionage activities conducted through important as organizations of Turkey. Controversial operations during the Cold War the CIA is doing, which is an important member of NATO has resulted in various allegations are about the May 27 1960 coup took place in Turkey. This led to the need for the CIA to investigate the attitude of the May 27, 1960 coup. The study also examines the development of the May 27, 1960 coup in the light of CIA Archive documents, which have recently been made available to researchers. The attitude taken by the CIA in the face of the developments that took place before and after the May 27, 1960 coup was examined by examining the first hand sources and research works written in the period, especially archive documents, and the findings and information obtained are presented.

CIA, May 27, 1960 Coup, Adnan Menderes, Intelligence, Intervention