Class Relations in Sport
This study investigates how participation to sport, the rate of doing sports, the sports that are done, the sports that are desired to be done and the aims of doing sports differ in relation to profession. The randomized sampling technique was used to collect data from 448 people in the survey. The results of the study indicated that white collar engaege in doing more sports. Regarding the types of sports, swimming, athletics, pilates, step-aerobics, fitness, gymnastics, horse riding, tennis and trekking sports are mostly performed by white-collars while walking, far-east sports, volleyball, basketball, football, wrestling and cycling are more frequently performed by blue-collars. Whitecollars do sports for the purpose of delay aging, to be fit, to have a proper body, to give extra pounds, to be healthy and to enjoy. On the other hand, bluecollars do sports for the purpose of to be happy, to alleviate stress, the desired to be succesfull, to evaluate leisure time, to earn friends, to have a sense of group and to gain money and credibility.

Sport, profession, class, white-collar, blue-collar