The Hattıan Goddess: “Kuzzanıšu/Kuzanašu” On The Hıttıte Texts
Goddess Kuzzanišu, in the community of gods in Hittites, which is an Indian-European tribe, is of Hattian origin. The name of this Goddess, which is frequently referred in the Hittites cuneiform texts is thought to be derived from the word “kuzzan-” in Hattian language which means “fire, hearth”. In the texts about the KI.LAM fest, traced back to the ancient Hittite period, Hattic terms and Hattian god names are often mentioned, and the name of the Goddess Kuzzanišu is generally referred with the Moon God EN.ZU in a few texts about this fest, the name of this Goddess is also seen to be mentioned with another Hattian God, Ta?pillanu. From the texts about the KI.LAM fest, we learn that the Goddess Kuzzanišu is sometimes blessed by the king, and sometimes both by the king and the queen; and from the text “KBo 38.12(1368/c)(+)KBo 20.27 (55/b)+KBo 25.20(703/b)+KUB 39.64(176/c)+KBo 25.145(178/c)+KBo 25.72 (368/c+513/c)+KBo 25.35 (498/c)+KBo 20.26(540/c)(+) KBo 21.68(1333/c)(+)KBo 25.154(1474/c)+KBo 25.34(2537/c)”, again belonging to the KI.LAM fest, we learn that Kaniš people sing songs for God EN.ZU and Goddess Kuzzanišu. In the fest at the ?ešta-house, blessing is performed by the king; and at the Zippalanda and Mount Da?a fest, the king and the queen bless through drinking action, in a text about the Storm Fest, it is said that the Goddess Kuzzanišu was bowed by the prince, again in another text belonging to the same fest, a sacrifice was presented to the mentioned Goddess by the prince, which are learnt from the Hittites cuneiform texts. In addition, Kuzzinašu and Kuzanašu are thought to be the same goddess.

Hittite, Hattian, Kuzzanišu, Kuzanašu, God, Goddess, Religion.