The Arıthmatıc in Ancıent age and the Euclıdean Algorıthm
History of number and counting concept is as old as human history. Humankind could remark numbers by using simple ways such as mapping objects with plebles, notching small woods or bones even in periods when the alphabetical systems didn’t exist. In this work, first of all we will mention history of number and counting briefly and then we will tell number systems and aritmetic of Egypt and Mesopotamian people who made the oldest ones. Then we will tell the number systems and aritmetik of ancient Greek and Roma. In this way we aim to put forward generally mathematics and arithmetic in Ancient age. In the last part of this work we will mention the Euclideian algorithm, which was developed by him about prime numbers and known by his own name.

Arithmetic, history of numbers, Greek, Roma, the Euclidean algorithm