The Relation Of Ottomanism And Anatolian Turkishness in Kemal Tahir
The relation between ottomanism and Anatolian Turkishness in Kemal Tahir thought is held in our research. When Turkish republic is established, There are natural structural differences with ottoman which is an empire. The republic, which is designed as a nation state model, kept these structural differences as a contradiction in itself. On account of the period He lived, he was enable to identify the thought system of both last ottoman period and republic, also to think and write about these contradicts. The ottoman empire which is established on the productive civilizations in the east, is the maintainer of military state tradition which protects them from the west’s depredetion and exploitation, also with the organization in the state, the relation of society and state took its form according to this. It contains this kind of society - state duality , which is seen in the eastern states, in itself. Thats why, during its soverignity periods, its relation with the nations it reigned esp Anatolian Turkish became a current issue and it also became an issue in Kemal Tahir’s period. In this research, the meaning of this duality seen as contradiction will be adressed.

Kemal Tahir, Ottoman Empire, AnatolianTurkishness, empire, nationstate