Ankara Sultanisi in 1913-1914 Scholar Year
Ankara Atatürk High School known as the most rooted high school in Ankara was established with the name of Ankara İdadis in 1886 and respectively named as Ankara Boy’s High School and Ankara Sıhhiye Atatürk Anadolu Lisesi. After the school had continued its educational activities in a rented building for 4 years, in 1890 it was moved in its building which was situated in the area behind the today’s Faculty of Letters, where the Turkish High Expert Training and Research Hospital is. The school having been transformed into Sultani in 1913-1914 Scholar Year was at medium level among Ottoman Sultanis in terms of number of both the students and the staff. Success rate of the students of Ankara Sultanis was quite above the average of Ottoman Sultanis in the summative tests. In this study the last year of Ankara İdadis (1912-1913) and the first year of Ankara Sultanis (1913-1914) will be handled comparatively with regard to building structure, curriculum, students and staff.

Ankara, Sultani, İdadi, 1913-1914 Scholar Year