The Impact of Computer Assisted Games on Social Studies Lesson Success
The social studies education course is one of the study areas where students have some problems in terms of meaning. Because the learning areas, achievements, skills and values are included in education, teaching and curriculum at abstract level. In order to increase the level of understanding and understanding of the learners related to the lesson in the learning teaching process, the teachers who are the students of this course benefit from various tools, materials and materials in learning environments. One of these materials is computer based games. This study was conducted in order to determine the effect of these games on students' success on social studies course. In this study, which is based on pretest-end test-control group experimental design, the sample group is the 6th grade students. When the results obtained in the study are examined, it can be said that the achievement levels of the students in the experimental and control groups differ in the tests applied in the process.

Computer, educational game, success, social studies