Examınatıon Of Student Opınıons On Usıng Smartboards Of The Courses That Rupublıc Of Turkey, Revolutıon History And Ataturkısm
In the education to ensure the continuity of scientific and technological development makes it necessary to improve people themselves and their competencies. In the area of education; Thanks to the tablets, televisions and smart boards technology has started to use in the classes. In this context, using of technology in classroom emerges as a reality that cannot be overlooked. However, the materials that used to increase the qualifications in education alone are not enough. On the other hand, the importance of examining the views of students is getting ximportant.The purpose of this research is to examine the 8th Grade Students' opinions on the using smart board in lessons that, Republic of Turkey, Revolution History and Ataturkısm. The study group of the essay constitutes 71 8th grade students who continue their education in Kastamonu Seydiler in the 2015-2016 education period. In this study; the general screening model was used. To collect data, The Student Questionnaire Form that include personal information, student opinions and open-ended questions were used by Ünal (2015). Quantitative and qualitative dat aanalysis methods were supported in the analysis of the data obtained from the research. SPSS17.0 package program was used in the analysis of the data obtained from the questionnaire . T-test and ANOVA were used in the analysis of quantitative data. Descriptive analysis technique was used for qualitative data. According to the findings, opinions of the students who are studying the 8th grade, about the using of smart board in Rupublic of Turkey, Revolution History and Ataturkısm course are explained. When student views are examined, the results of the research on the courses, which are used smartboards, are efficient and useful but technical problems have happened. As a result of the research, suggestions have been made to the researchers from the data that obtained.

Technology, Smart Board, Rupublic of Turkey, Revolution History and Ataturkısm.