The Maın Reference of The Modern Armenıan Natıon-Buıldıng: the Kıngdom of Hayasha-Azzı and The Hıstorıcal Facts
One of the main prerequisites of the nation-building process is a sound historical background dating back to immemorial times on a common land. The modern Armenian historians signified this thinking in nation-building efforts of the Armenian nation by placing one of the archaic peoples of the Northwest Anatolia region, the Hayashas(?) to the core of their history writing. According to these historians, the modern Armenian nation are the descendants of the authentic peoples of the ancient Anatolian Kingdom of Hayasha-Azzi whose presence can be based on written sources. The purpose of this study is to discuss and evaluate the arguments of the modern Armenian historians revolving around the Kingdom of Hayasha-Azzi in their nation-building efforts under the light of archeological and historical documents and findings.

Hayaša-Azzi, Nation, Armenians, Ethnicity, Mythology