Understanding Spiritual Assessment Through David R. Hodge
There is a growing interest in spiritually sensitive social work intervention approaches over the last 30 years within the social work profession and discipline. This subject started to arouse interest recently in Turkey as well. Yet, in our country, there has not been any study on the necessity of spiritual evaluation in the interventions to be made while focusing on clients’ spirituality. However, in social work, spiritually-sensitive interventions are considered within a holistic approach that aims to provide the sources of spiritual support that are thought to be effective in dealing with the problems that the clients are experiencing. In this approach, it is vital to discover and make use of the strenghts and resources of the clients which they used for their previous problems with the purpose of increasing social functionality. Therefore, the spiritual assessment is necessary since it determines both the orientation of the client to spirituality, the source and degree of this orientation; as well as reveals and makes use of the spiritual strengths in solving problems. In this context, the main purpose of this article is to clarify the factors to be considered in the assessment and to offer suggestions for the applications of spiritually sensitive social work in Turkey.

Spirituality, spiritual assessment, social work.