A Comparative Analysis on Sultan Abdulhamid II and William E. Gladstone
Beyond being an international question of the status of the Ottoman Empire, it was The Eastern Question that determined the course of diplomacy towards the Ottoman Empire throughout the nineteenth century William E. Gladstone was a cult figure in British Victorian party politics so as Sultan Abdulhamid II ruled the Ottoman Empire for 33 years. When Gladstone came to power in 1880, it can be argued that theoretically the Eastern Crisis had already ended. However, there is a clear sense that the expectation as to the commitments of his speeches concerning the Ottoman Empire was substantially high. On the other hand, Abdulhamid was now more experienced in governing his Empire since the Treaty of Berlin with the circumstances of the diplomacy he was surrounded. Seen in this light, it would be essential for the scope of this research to draw parallels between the perceptions of two statesmen who basically determined the course of the Anglo-Ottoman relations.

the Eastern Question, W.E.Gladstone, Sultan Abdulhamid II, Victorian Britain