Opınıons Of The Form Teachers On The Effect Of Technology On The Educatıon Of Socıalısm And Values
Humankind has been trying to make life easier by making innovations in many fields since its existence. At the beginning of this innovation, innovations in the field of technology are coming. Together with the developing technology, the structure of society has started to change. People now use technological products in every moment of their lives and design their lives based on them. This situation has positive or negative effects on the socialization of people and their value judgments as in many social issues. In this study, it is aimed to determine the effect of technology on socialization and values education according to the opinions of teachers. For this purpose, 250 class teachers working in Elazığ in 2017-2018 academic year participated in the study. The research is in descriptive model and it is descriptive. According to the research results, teachers see technology as a need that affects our lives. They also stated that technology contributed to the cognitive development of the child. Teachers who participated in the study indicated that technology made children senseless. They also stated that technology adversely affected the psychological and physical development of children, that their moral development was adversely affected and that they were isolated from spiritual values.

Technology, Technology and Values, Technology and Socialization, Socialization, Values Education.