Investıgatıon of the Effect of Teachers 'Perceıved Stress Levels on Workıng Purpose of Varıous Varıables
The aim of this research is to determine the relationship between the elmentary school, middle school, and high school teachers’ stress perception and passion for work. In this study, 950 teachers’ opinion were made use of who were working in Malatya province in the education year of 2014-2015 and were chosen from different schools and branches with random sampling technique. As data collection tool; “Perceived Stress Scale”which was developed by Cohen, Kamarck, and Mermelstein (1983) and adopted into Turkish by Eskin, Harlak, Demirkıran and Dereboy (2013) and “Passion for Work Scale” was used which was developed by Schaufeli,,Salanova, Gonzalez-Roma ve Bakker (2002) and adopted into Turkish Turgut (2011). As a result of the analysis of the data which were obtained in the research, it was seen that the average level of the all dimensions of the stress perception were in the range of “sometimes” according to the burnout inventory extent. It can be said that participants evaluated their stress perception level in a medium ebb. it was seen that the average level of the all Passion for Work Scale were in the range of “frequently”. it was also seen that average perception rates of the married teachers are higher than the single teachers’. It was seen that the teachers who have 1-10 years work experience find themselves more self-sufficient than 21-30 years in the dimension of self-sufficiency. It was also seen that foccussing on work and inadequate self-sufficient condition of the teachers have a great effect on work commitment.

Stress perception, passion for work, teachers.