An Investıgatıon Of E-Journal Named "Bilim Çocuk"
E-journals published in electronic media, are widely used in recent years in Turkey. Frequently preferred in educational environments, e-journals offer readers accessibility without time and space constraints, low cost and quick access to information. One of the e- journals in question is "Bilim Çocuk". The journal, which was published by TÜBİTAK in 1998, is published monthly and is mainly addressed to 7 and over age groups. The journal include examples of activities, articles, interactive squares and comics. In addition, the journal aims to attract children with additional masks, posters and small booklets. It aims to introduce children to early ages so that they can research and ask questions. The purpose of this research is to promote the journal "Bilim Çocuk" and to draw attention to the use of science and technology in the field of children's literature. In the qualitative research, the document inspection technique will be used. It is aimed to tabulate the obtained data and to present the data clearly. The e-journal "Bilim Çocuk" has features according to the child in terms of form and content. The journal offers an important service to both students and teachers and families by emphasizing the fact that science is a part of life by loving children from a young age.

TÜBİTAK, Bilim Çocuk, technology, e-journal, children's literatüre.