Woman's Gender Roles and Evaluatıon of Women's Labor in the Terms of Gender Roles
Turkey in the framework of participation of women in the labor force formats; it is observed that gender based diffrences affect women’s labor. The effect of this situation on women’s labor; working in public life and domestic roles in the private sphere, these are the problems and obstacles they face.These are among the factors that affect women’s employment. Does traditional labor undergo a tarnsformation in urban area? What are the impilications of tarnsformation in this area? İn this context, this line of business in Uşak is included in the scope of the research. This line of work is seen both as a continuation of the domestic roles of women in the traditional sense and also as a mode of representation of women’s labor in the public spehere. Women’s labor needs to be evaluated in the context of gender roles. Therefore, how traditional women’s labor is used in the urban production and reproduction processes; ıt is aimed to investigate some dynamics in this business line which is a contunation of home based production process. In this respect, a qualitative field study was conducted. In depth interviews were conducted with women working in different statues at design work places.

Sex, gender, gender roles, women's labor.