A. Turan Oflazoğlu’s Theatre Plays About Ottoman Hıstory and the Relatıonshıp of Hıstorıcal Truth of These Plays
Theatre plays about Ottoman age by Ahmet Turan Oflazoğlu and the relationship of historical events which take place in these plays according to writer’s own historical truth intellection are examinated in this work. There isn’t enough examination about existence historical truth in literal works which is about history so far. For that reason, is this work, it is aimed to expand historical truth in literal works by examinating Oflazoğlu’s historical theatre plays about Ottoman history according to his own historical truth intellection. A. Turan Oflazoğlu's 10 plays about Ottoman history were examined. After determining the events of the author, the plot, the staff, the elements that constitute the time and place respectively, it is revealed that the work is compatible with the understanding of the historical reality of Oflazoğlu. The method used here is to quote the historical events in his plays, his work, to convey the knowledge of historians about the historical events, and then to reveal the relation of Oflazoğlu with the understanding of historical reality. While the relationship between these works and historical truth is revealed, Halil İnalcık, İlber Ortaylı, Ahmet Şimşirgil and İsmail Hakkı Uzunçarşılı’s works are the works which are used. Oflazoğlu presented that writer, who use history, has the right to interpret historical events as he want in his historical plays. In the conclusion of the work, it is seen that Oflazoğlu wrote this kind of plays which pays attention historical truth and appearance truth.

A. Turan Oflazoğlu, Theatre, Ottoman History, Historical Truth.