From Traditionto Modernity, Changing Urban Life and Urban Culture: the Case of Elazığ
Modern societies are urban societies. Traditional societies are rural-based societies. There are definite contrasts between these two. In one, stability is decisive and change in the other is decisive. However, modern societies are often evaluated from a traditional point of view. Modern societies and modern cities, on the other hand, are somewhat influenced by tradition and / or produce their own tradition. In this respect, cities are places of differentiation as well as feeling of belonging and re-socialization. In this context, this study was carried out to reveal the appearance of Elazığ, which has traditional foundations, in modern conditions. As a result of the study, first of all, a strong sense of belonging and citizenship awareness nourished by tradition. Secondly, there is a continuing strong relationship to traditional / local forms. As the third, emerging practices of the cultural forms of modern society were followed. In the latest, a trend of change from the traditional to the modern / postmodern has been determined.

Modernity, Tradition, Modern City, Urban Consciousness, Urban Culture