Ankara Government and French Schools from National Struggle to Lausanne (1919-1922)
This article tackles the adventure of French schools in Turkey from Mondros Armistice to Lausanne Peace Conference. Until the Ankara Agreement of 20 October 1921, the French schools remained under the influence of the hot war between the nationalist Ankara government and the occupying French administration. In the Armistice period, the two governmental political structure of Turkey has led to the emergence of two different political approaches towards foreign schools. Unlike the İstanbul government, the Ankara government did not accept the privileged status of foreign schools in the Ottoman Education System before 1914, and pressured these schools to implement Turkish legislation. There was the Private School’s Regulation dated 1915 at the center of this policy. The determination to implement this regulation led to the emergence of a conflict between Ankara and Paris from 1922 onwards. In this study, the struggle between Ankara and Paris for the legal status of French schools in Turkey is mentioned.

French Schools, Ankara Government, National Struggle, Private Schools’ Regulation