Comparison of Efficiency of Physical Education Courses in Turkey and Certain European Countries
The study aims to compare the efficiency of physical education courses by comparing the number of annual physical education courses in European countries and the number of annual physical education courses in Turkey. This study is a descriptive research and designed with the “Document Analysis” for comparison of sports education systems of primary education level and evaluation of their current status in European countries. Population of the study consists of European countries (Germany, Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Croatia, the Netherlands, England, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Iceland, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia-Montenegro, Slovakia, Ukraine, Greece and Turkey). The study has no sample but examines the established objectives. To that end, the number of courses offered in the countries is listed in tables and percentage of rates of obesity and athlete percentages compared with population were calculated to compare the efficiency of physical education courses. In conclusion, physical education course is compulsory in primary and sub-secondary education levels in the entire Europe and an important part of main curriculum. The period of time that is allocated to physical education is approximately equal to a time less than 10% of total education time, while such period of time is only equal to about half of the time allocated to the math course. It is observed that physical education courses are paid more attention in European countries, but they are not given due importance in Turkey and generally considered as “idle class”. It is seen that, just like in Turkey, physical education courses are not an alternative solution to obesity in Europe as well. The failure to attach importance to physical education courses in Turkey also causes significant problems in developing athletes. One out of 8 persons develops as athlete in European countries on the average, while this rate is one out of 115 persons in Turkey.

Physical Education and Sports, Education, Physical Activity.