Investigation of the free time satisfaction levels of wrestlers in Southeastern Anatolia in terms of various variables
The aim of this study is ; investigation of the wrestlers free time satisfaction levels in terms of various varialdes in southeastern Anatolia region. 240 male athletes in the stars and youth categoriya in Batman, Siirt, Adıyaman, Şanlıurfa, Gaziantep and Mardin provinces are take part in this investigation. İn study fırst cusrent literature sconning was made and information about the subject was given. The data of the study is measwed with the eye free time satisfaction scale (sztö) developed by Beard and Raghep in orde to determine satisfaction levels of the participants this scale consists of 39 items and 6 sub dimonsions (8 items), socidagical (8 items), relaxation (4 items), physiological (6 items), asthetics (4 items), and and education (9 items) indepetent sample t tes was wed for free time satisfaction scale total score, one-way anova was used in multible comparisons and tukey HSD was used in the post Hoc tests in order to determine the differences signifronce level was accepted as 0,05

Free time, Wrestling, Recreation.