Urban Informatıon Systems ın Local Governments: An Analysıs from Metropolıtan Munıcıpalıtıes
Today, the opportunities provided by rapidly developing information and communication technologies facilitate the provision of services in economic, social and administrative areas. Metropolitan municipalities have to follow and implement technological developments in order to better manage the increasing duties and responsibilities as well as the city. Urban Information Systems (UIS), which is a product of developing technology, provides great convenience to metropolitan municipal administrations for the solution of the problems caused by rapid urbanization. UIS, which is an urban-based application of the Geographic Information System (GIS), refers to the collection and presentation of the data by transferring the graphical and verbal data of the city to a suitable spatial information production. In this context, the aim of the study is to analyze the current state of the UIS emerged through the transfer of information technology to the local governments, in metropolitan municipalities. A study consisting of two phases has been conducted within the scope of this aim. The study was firstly supported by content analysis from qualitative research methods and secondly by using the interview technique. The research was conducted on the services provided by thirty metropolitan municipalities in terms of the city guide on their official internet websites, and on the UIS applications of the municipalities by interviews with the GIS/UIS department directorates.

Local Governments, Metropolitan Municipality, Technology, Urban Information Systems.