The Destructıon in İnegöl Caused by the Greeks Durıng the Second Battle of İnönü (1920-1922)
In the National Struggle years nearly all the villages, towns and cities in Western Anatolia have undergone Greek atrocities. One of them is İnegöl. After the invasion of Bursa by the Greek army on July 8, 1920 the region was constantly destroyed by the Greek armies and the Greek and Armenian gangs. İnegöl has witnessed important events during the years of the National Struggle due to its location on the transition route to Anatolia as in ancient times. Especially during the İnönü Battles this line was used to transport Greek armies to the front. Therefore, it has inescapably been one of the places where the destruction was experienced most. This line was again used for the withdrawal of Greek troops following the failure of the İnönü Battles. In this study the destruction in İnegöl and its villages in the Second Battle of İnönü will be handled in the light of archival documents.

National Struggles, Bursa, İnegöl, Second Battle of İnönü, Greek destruction